What does Science at Appletree look like?

At Appletree, we recognise the importance of Science in every aspect of daily life. Our Science curriculum aims to inspire all of our pupils’ natural curiosity and develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them through offering all learners the opportunity to participate in hands on, enquiry based lessons. 


Our science curriculum will equip children whether they are SEND, EAL or PP with the necessary scientific knowledge and skills to work scientifically by teaching them to ask enquiry based questions, plan and carry out investigations, think critically, evaluate their findings and develop their understanding of the uses and implications of science around them. 


Children will be given the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists during various workshops and learn how to cook with healthy foods grown in our school allotment. All children will make use of our local environment to further develop their understanding of how science links to other areas of their learning and future selves; therefore ensuring all individuals reach their true ‘Science Capital’. 

Amazing Appletree
We are very proud to announce that Appletree has been chosen by PSQM to be a case study for their amazing work towards their PSQM Gilt award. Well done team Appletree!
'Science at Appletree has flourished despite the Covid restrictions and resulting changes to practice will no doubt continue to have a positive impact on teachers' practice and pupils' learning and experiences.'





  • At Appletree we follow a clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum. Staff make good use of resources such as Explorify, Twinkl and the local area and have built links with local science experts to ensure teaching and learning engages all learners and shows progression across all Key Stages within the strands of science.

  • To ensure every child including SEND, EAL and PP reaches their true ‘Science Capital’ we provide various visits, workshops with science specialists, science weeks and during events such as ‘Big Me Week’ children are encouraged to think about future careers in science by interviewing local science specialists, learning about science based careers and coming to school as a STEM specialist. 
  • As part of our PSQM GILT award all staff and children have worked together to create our ‘Core Principles’ and the science curriculum has been developed to ensure implementation of these across the school. 
  • All staff plan using our ‘Core Principles’ and ‘Working Scientifically’ strands to ensure all children develop their skills and knowledge.
  • All staff make good use of interactive resources such as Explorify, identify key vocabulary and sticky knowledge at the start of lessons and make reference to our ‘Core Principles’ and ‘Working Scientifically’ strands to engage all learners, ensure practical investigative opportunities are embedded; therefore creating a sense of wonder and enabling all learners  to reach their full potential and achieve their true ‘Science Capital’.
  • All children have access to our ‘Core Principles’, interactive STEM boards, ‘Working Scientifically’ posters, key vocabulary and sticky knowledge linked to topics taught, to  develop their understanding, make links to prior learning and enable them to communicate and assess their growing understanding, knowledge and skills practically, verbally and in written work.
  • All children use a wide range of hands-on resources from our Science resources room and have access to those from the forest school area, allotment, STEM boxes, books and ICT to further develop their knowledge, skills and  understanding as this is an integral part of developing  their learning and their ability to work scientifically. 
  • All children make use of STEM boxes at play and lunchtimes to revise prior learning, develop their scientific enquiry skills and further inspire their love of science.
  • Children are encouraged to reflect on previous learning and where applicable cross curricular links to science will be made to develop the children’s topical learning.
  • Children build on prior knowledge and skills and are encouraged to link ideas together, enabling them to question and become enquiry based learners. 
  • Attainment is assessed during each lesson through the use of open ended tasks, questioning and evidence from any written work. At the end of each topic interactive assessment sessions enable staff to ensure whether children can apply the skills and knowledge taught to real life situations and where appropriate written assessments will be completed.




Key Science Documentation
STEM Week 2024
Primary Engineer Competition 2023
Science Capital Through Trips, Workshops and Visitors
  • Our STEM Wall of Fame
Misconception Review
'Concept Cartoons' and 'Odd One Out' starters are used to ensure misconceptions are identified and rectified. 



During their time at Appletree all children including SEND, EAL and PP will receive the necessary skills, knowledge and inspiration to reach their true ‘Science Capital’ and be inspired to think about a future career in STEM.

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