We recently had a competition to define what Appletree Gardens First School stands for. The pupils came up with logo designs around our name and our Appletree badge. These are a perfect welcome from our most important people and give you a snapshot of our school. 
"Amazing Appletree"
Our school is nestled in the community of Monkseaton, Whitley Bay not far from the coast. It has the most beautiful blossom trees decorating the front entrance and welcoming pupils and their families to begin their learning journeys with us from the age of two!
"From little pips, mighty apples grow"
Our two year old provision is, of course, called "Little Pips" and our youngest children get the best start in our purpose built Early Years centre. Susanne has been running this for over six years and works closely with our Early Years team to provide a smooth transition to Nursery and big school.
"A good place to grow"
We want to develop a positive growth mindset within all our classes to support learning at Appletree and beyond. We are committed to supporting all our pupils to grow their learning  and find ways to overcome any barriers. 
"Friendship blossoms"
We are a friendly, happy school and we spend time developing and reflecting upon relationships. We have fun playtimes using OPAL (Outdoor play and learning) to really inspire children and support teamwork. We have an outdoor gym, a sandpit, a stage, seating areas and games areas to give a wide variety of choice. 
"The core of the community"
Community is at the heart of Appletree and we recognise how important school can be in supporting a variety of family needs. We run wraparound care- breakfast club, after school clubs and holiday clubs. We pride ourselves on our nurture and care for pupils. We run Thrive sessions, weekly value assemblies, theme weeks and more...
"Every student matters, every moment counts"
We have a great staff team here at Appletree who are ready to help pupils and their families. We want to support every child in our care to thrive in our school and our community and develop a lifelong love of learning.
Mrs Bruce,