Skills Builder

We are delighted to be running the Skills Builder programme right across Appletree First School from January 2024. 

More information about Skills Builder can be found here. Skills Builder Partnership is a global group of businesses, education institutions, and impact organisations. They are all committed to using the Skills Builder approach to transform how the world builds essential skills.

Essential skills unlock learning in the classroom, boosting academic outcomes, perseverance and self-belief. They halve the likelihood of being out of work, and increase earnings across a lifetime. They even boost wellbeing and life satisfaction.

At Appletree First School, we absolutely agree that the eight skills are essential skills and we are enjoying using the comprehensive framework and resources to teach them. The children are really enjoying putting their learning into practice and we hope you also see the benefits at home!

This term we have begun delivering the Skills Builder programme across the school (reception class to year four). We have started with the essential skill of listening.