Year three

Spring 1, 2023
This term, the focus for Forest School is shape. The children collected twigs of all sizes and used them, with clay to make 3D shapes in pairs. We narrowed it down to three shapes, cuboids, cubes and square based pyramid. Even the teachers got stuck in! 
Summer 2, 2022.
The children have been learning about rivers in the classroom and during a school trip to the Tyne. So...we took this as inspiration for our Forest School session. The children worked in small groups to make a river using foil and natures treasures. The children's main focus was to build a bridge as a team.  The children worked fantastically. There were many ideas and they all looked the different.  
History enhancement day, Autumn 2022
Today, the children had a Stone Age work shop in Forest School as part of their topic. 
The session was split into the three, covering the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. The children found it very hard work to grind oats into flour. We discussed that back then, they had all day, few days, weeks to complete these tasks, when it was daylight. 
The children enjoyed making cave paintings and making bread over the firepit, which was yummy!