Blossom Playtimes

Blossom Playtimes at Appletree

Blossom Playtimes  
At Appletree Gardens First School, we recognises the importance of high quality play, regardless of children's needs and abilities.  We offer carefully considered outdoor spaces that allow wide-ranging play.  The play opportunities create imagination skills, problem solvers, builders and engineers! The children will become more resilient, creative and cooperative through our outdoor play opportunities. 

What we have created
We are lucky to have a variety of areas for our children to play in no matter what the weather!.  Children have the freedom to play where they like, mixing with others from different year groups. The children have a large mud kitchen in 'Cooks Corner' to create some fantastic muddy meals in. They can choose to play with large loose parts like tyres, planks and pipes or in the large sand pit. They can also be creative dressing up and performing on our 'Broadway' stage.

What is next

We are excited, about the future of Blossom Playtimes at school. We are forward thinking and have set out plans for up keep and development. We will work closely with the school council as the children’s voice is vital to their play, exploration, learning and FUN!

Blossom Play Zones

Key Areas for Development this Year 


  • Establish playtime zones

  • Establish playtime rules with staff and children 

  • Meet with School Council to gather thoughts around playtimes and lunch times 

  • Appoint Play Leaders to model and reward positive play experiences and to support at tidy up time