Our Curriculum

"From little pips mighty apples grow!" 
At Appletree Gardens we pride ourselves on our bespoke curriculum designed to support all of our pupils to blossom and achieve future success. We recognise that our pupils at Appletree come from different start points and we are determined that through meaningful, memorable learning experiences we can come together to recognise and grow each individuals potential for excellence. 
Excellence at Appletree Gardens empowers our pupils to apply their knowledge and skills to "enjoy, achieve and succeed" in all aspects of school life and beyond our gates. Through our curriculum we want pupils to
 * Be independent lifelong learners with ambition to achieve in any chosen direction
* Be themselves 
* Respect and celebrate difference
* Be mental and physically healthy
* Developed a broad and balanced knowledge base
* Read to succeed
* Be thoughtful citizens in their own community and the wider world
Our curriculum supports our learners to embed knowledge and skills using:
* First hand experiences
* Active learning
*Talk for writing
*Knowledge rich environments
*Value and celebration assemblies
* Outdoor experiences
*Enrichment days/weeks
* Critical thinking 
*Assessment and feedback of what pupils know and remember
*Enquiry based learning
* A mastery approach
* Purposeful resources- artefacts, book hooks, 
* Tailored 1:1 and small group support