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Welcome to Year 3
"Grow Your Learning" 
Year 3 is a special year group where the children will be inquisitive, independent and creative learners! The children will continue their learning journey from Early years, Key Stage 1 and will now 'Grow Their Learning' into Key Stage 2. 
In Year 3, your child will 'grow their learning' from a curriculum that is carefully matched to their ability and own interests, through quality teaching, exciting trips and forest school. 
Children will be appointed to be members of the school council, eco-warrior or blossom buddies. These rolls will be changed each term, giving children a taste of whole school responsibility. 
At the end of Year 3 we aspire for the children to be the best version of themselves, build resilience and confidence and enjoy suitable challenges. 
This can be achieved through a variety of different exciting opportunities in and out of the classroom, including  - Ukulele, swimming, Bike for Health and a number of sporting competitions and festivals.  
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Grow your learning - Across the curriculum 
Grow your learning - Beyond the curriculum 
Parents and Carers as partners
Home School Reading Books
Children will be given two reading books each week. Whilst we also encourage the children to read independently, it is expected that they will read aloud to a parent or carer at home and that an adult signs their Boom reader account. Reading folders are to be brought into school each day to allow teaching staff to hear children read and to change books.
Water Bottles
Children need to bring a fresh water bottle into school each day.
Class 7 have P.E.:
  • Wednesday (outdoor)
  • Thursday  (indoor)
Class 8 have P.E.:
  • Tuesday (outdoor)
  • Thursday  (indoor)
Children will come into school wearing their full P.E. kit on the days they have P.E. (Grey, navy or black jogging bottoms, black shorts, green Appletree t-shirt, hoodie and trainers.)
In the Summer Term pupils will take part in weekly swimming lessons.
How to get involved
We love having adult help and support in school - and so will your child. We always need additional help on any school trips and if you have a spare or two to share a book with the children we would gladly accept the offer.
We run termly drop in sessions to give you tips and ideas of how you can support your child at home. Please continue to look out on the newsletter for these dates. 
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 Our Curriculum - Medium Term planning
Quality of Education
At the heart of our curriculum is a drive to foster a love of reading, enriching children's learning through carefully designed vocabulary rich, teaching activities that utilise imaginative stories and through provoking texts.
Regular assessments inform the teaching of phonics, comprehension and fluency to ensure all children make good progress.
Our curriculum is both creative and ambitious. It has been carefully designed to give our children the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.