At Appletree Gardens First school children start to learn to play the Ukulele at the end of Year 2 and this continues throughout Year 3. We also have visiting instrumental teachers who offer lessons such as violin, keyboard, guitar and drums. (Please check with the office if you would like your child to have private lessons). Singing is an integral part of what we do. We are a ‘Sing –up’ school and children have singing sessions as a whole school and in class.
Children have the chance to perform in class assemblies and Christmas concerts. We are also part of the North Tyneside Music hub which provides opportunities to perform as a larger group at venues such as the Playhouse and Langdale centre.  
Music has many benefits such as increasing self confidence, encouraging creativity, working as part of a group and giving children a sense of achievement. It can also help in developing literacy and numeracy skills (e.g reading the words of songs, spotting rhyming patterns, understanding syllables, counting and rhythm).