Religious Education

Religious Education 
At Appletree Gardens the teaching of Religious Education:
  • Develops pupils knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Lets pupils explore their sense of identity and belonging
  • Addresses the issues of right ,wrong and personal responsibility
  • Offers opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development
  • Allows pupils to explore and appreciate the diverse community in which we live
  • Encourages pupils to learn from different world views, values and traditions whilst preparing them for later life. 
  • Develops critical thinking skills by exploring and discussing religious beliefs
  • Enables pupils to become thoughtful citizens both within their own community and the wider world. 
At Appletree Gardens First School we broadly follow North Tyneside's 'Agreed syllabus for Religious education' 
The elements  of knowledge and understanding, critical thinking and personal reflection run throughout the agreed syllabus. 
Throughout the Year we learn about and celebrate a range of religious occasions such as Christmas, Eid, Easter, Diwali and Chinese New Year. 
We have a weekly values assembly which has a theme linked to our personal well being.
We have links with St.Peter's church in Monkseaton and try to visit other places of worship in our area.
We use a range of practical resources, visitors, videos and artefacts to enhance learning in Religious Education.