Reading and Phonics

Reading at Appletree

Our ambition at Appletree is to provide a coherently planned and sequenced reading curriculum which equips all learners with the knowledge and skills needed to become independent, fluent, life-long readers. 

At the heart of our strategy is our drive to foster a love of reading, enriching children’s learning through carefully designed vocabulary rich, teaching activities that utilise imaginative stories and thought provoking texts.

Reading is at the core of our curriculum and school culture, with staff having a shared understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to build towards end points in each year and phase. National Curriculum objectives are creatively, systematically and explicitly delivered in order to prepare learners for their next steps, close any gaps and target the highest number of children attaining expected standard or higher.

Regular assessments inform the teaching of phonics, comprehension and fluency to ensure all children make good progress. 

Parents as Partners

Here at Appletree we recognise that parents are the first and ongoing educators of their own children. We value the vital role that they play in supporting their children’s learning and help them to actively participate in school activities. These effective  partnerships enable children to flourish. 

Equity and Excellence

We firmly believe that personal and social circumstances should not be an obstacle to achieving educational potential. Our carefully structured, skills based curriculum  supports and engages all children so as to narrow the gap between the most and least advantaged learners, while  improving  outcomes for all.