PHSCE including RSE and Health

What PHSE looks and feels like at Appletree!

At Appletree, PSHE is at the core of everything we do. It is not something that you can just see or hear, it is a presence, a feeling that you get when you meet our children and staff.

We recognise when children’s physical, emotional and mental health is good they are more likely to be able to: enjoy life, deal with stress and difficult times so that they can achieve the best that they can, learn and thrive at school and navigate their way around the world they grow up in and succeed at everything they do.

Relationships are at the heart of Appletree and are embedded securely and consistently across the school where we have healthy, caring and respectful relationships which are complemented by kindness, honesty, integrity and generosity.  This supports the importance of wellbeing where we can all be happy and successful and where children grow and move on to make a meaningful contribution to society.

Mental health is a growing concern and is at the forefront of Government concern for both children and adults. Nationally 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives. Research shows that most issues begin in childhood.  Community is at the heart of Appletree. Sadly, we are aware that North Tyneside is in the lowest 10 authorities for deprivation, it has lower professional occupations and it has the highest male suicide rates in England and Wales.  1 in 8 children and young people are experiencing mental health difficulties. Issues include depression, anxiety, conduct disorder and are mostly a direct response to what is happening in their lives; These figures have increased since lockdown. We are committed as a school to help improve our community based mental health.

Another rising concern is that our children are growing up in a world of ever-changing technology. The internet has become a great tool for learning, sharing and connecting with friends and family; especially during the Covid pandemic. But it's not without risks for our children including inappropriate content, cyberbullying, internet addiction and online gaming all of which can affect our physical and mental health.  

Amazing Appletree is a great place to grow where both children and staff are encouraged to talk about our mental health and well-being. We want to provide children with a toolbox of strategies to cope with different feelings and situations to help them achieve the best possible outcomes and to cope better throughout life’s challenges. We work closely with parents raising awareness of concerns such as internet safety and mental health and support them to help keep their children safe, happy and to succeed in life.


Our school follows a comprehensive scheme called ‘Jigsaw’ where teachers follow well structured lesson plans and have resources to hand. As a whole school approach this scheme is a spiral, progressive and an effective scheme of work. Every class has allocated time on their timetable to teach Jigsaw, making it securely and consistently embedded within our school; preparing children for life, where they become more aware and value who they are and how they relate to other people in this ever changing world.

In addition to meeting statutory requirements through Jigsaw, we strive to meet the PSHE needs for Appletree's children. We monitor and talk to the children and identify issues that arise which may create a barrier to learning that are unique to them. Issues have included low self-esteem, lack of resilience and not talking about and sharing our worries. To ensure these issues are addressed securely and consistently across the school,  children take part in whole school initiatives including value of the week, assemblies, teacher’s daily discussions and whole school PSHE afternoons where children of all ages come together in different classes to share experiences and ideas and take part in different activities. 

Out of school opportunities such as educational visits, festivals, sports events and competitions and attending the Queens Commonwealth in London are provided to children who may otherwise not have these experiences. 

We also celebrate national initiatives such as: road safety where we have competitions judged by the local community ‘lolly pop lady’; anti-bullying week where children come into school wearing odd socks and talk about what makes a good friend as well as what to do if you experience bullying; Mental Health Week where we encourage children to share experiences and talk about mental health; Internet Safety Week to help our children to be knowledgeable, responsible and safe in an ever changing digital world. 

This offers our children a broader and ambitious PSHE curriculum that is embedded securely and consistently across the school. We are proud that it is tailored to all of our children’s needs and provided opportunities way beyond the statutory PSHE curriculum; improving our children’s life chances.



Parent Consultation
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health
At Appletree First School, we are consulting parents  about the RSE and Health education curriculum and policy which have been updated to be in line with the government's statutory guidelines. The government has made changes to what primary schools must teach for RSE and Helath. Therefore we have ensured we are meeting these requirements.
We are teaching RSE and Health through the Jigsaw Scheme of work and have made sure that we are fully prepared for these changes. 
At Appletree we define Sex Education as understanding human reproduction. This part of the statutory curriculum is fully covered from year 5 at Monkseaton Middle School; Therefore we do not intend to cover sex education within our first school curriculum. Therefor the following lessons have been removed from our Jigsaw curriculum:
Year 3 - Changing Me - Babies (piece 2), Outside body changes (piece 3),Inside body changes (piece 4)
Year 4 -  Changing Me -Having a baby (piece 2), Girls and puberty (piece 3)
We are sharing our policy and our curriculum so that you are aware of the changes that have been made and how RSE and Health is taught at Appletree Gardens. We would encourage any feedback relating to this policy and our curriculum we are teaching.
To help you with this we have made a range of useful information available below. 
We would like to invite parents to read the policy and other documentation during the RSE and Health consultation period which closes 12th November 2021. If you would like to give us feedback about the policy and curriculum please email the school office at with any thought or suggestions. 
How Jigsaw Supports Safeguarding Our Children
How Jigsaw Supports British Values
Developing SMSC and Emotional Literacy
We have the same high expectations of the quality of children's work in PSHE as we do in other curriculum areas. Our strong PSHE curriculum builds on the knowledge children have acquired in previous year groups. Children receive feedback on their progress. 
Although there is no formal assessment for PSHE, progress and outcomes are assessed and captured by marking, conversations, questionnaires, pupil voice, behavior, self-evaluation and monitoring. This is used to identify pupils who may need support or intervention and whole school improvements.
Staff at Appletree can be seen to have high expectations for behavior for learning and apply them  consistently and fairly. This is reflected by our children who have a positive attitude, are resilient and take pride in what they achieve. The relationships between staff, children and parents creates an environment where children feel safe and happy to learn.
Children in year 4 leave with the knowledge and skills that empower them and they have a positive outlook of themselves. They are ready for the next stage of their journey, to continue with their interests, aspirations and to achieve the best that they can.


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