Here at Appletree we value the contribution Computing can make to the curriculum. It has the potential to bring topics to life, extend our knowledge beyond the realms of textbooks and enables us to develop ideas and make things happen. We follow a Computing Scheme of Work created by the North Tyneside CLC that is in line with the New 2014 National Curriculum. The scheme is continuously reviewed and updated to reflect progression of skills and to include ever changing technologies. 

Computing is used to support all aspects of our curriculum as well as being taught as a discrete subject. We have a fully equipped computer suite and, in addition to this, each classroom is equipped with computers, Apple TV and Interactive Whiteboards. We have 2 sets of 30 iPads which are used effectively by all year groups to enhance learning. We make full use of the services offered by the learning Trust and North Tyneside CLC to provide: staff training, information for parents meetings and access to alternative Computing opportunities both inside and outside of our school.